The Story of The Haven at Skanda

Thank you to Bill Wallauer of the Jane Goodall Institute for his generous gift of filming of the animals at Skanda.



The Haven at Skanda cares for and protects vulnerable and threatened animals, providing them with a safe home where they can relax and emerge. The Haven also focuses on preventive services to assist with animal care before a crisis occurs.  We offer educational and therapeutic programs to people of all ages where connecting with animals and learning from them is central. We do not duplicate programs already provided in the community, but maintain a flexibility that allows us to assess each community for unmet needs and create innovative ways of addressing them. The Haven acts with a generosity that expects nothing in return, and all its programs reflect this value.



annual donation drive
runs thanksgiving to February 2nd

Horses for the Holidays is a pilot program created by Skanda to offer support to horses across Central New York this winter. If you are in a position to donate new or used equine supplies, or if you need that extra blanket or resource to ease the winter's passing, Horses for the Holidays invites us to put horses first.

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