Children’s Animal Sponsorship Program

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There is nothing sweeter than the love between children and animals.

The innocence, purity, and brilliance they share holds a beautiful promise for the future.  

The Haven at Skanda supports this possibility through the Children's Animal Sponsorship program, which gives children the opportunity to create a lasting bond with one of Skanda's rescued or endangered animals, while deepening their empathy, compassion, confidence, and sense of responsibility.

Child sponsors will be welcome to visit their animal once a month to participate in their care and spend special time with them.

Sponsorship funds go directly towards purchasing food, bedding, and veterinary care for the sponsored animal. Sponsorships are $55/month, or $600 if paid in advance for the year.

Visits may take place on weekends or on a weekday after school, and are scheduled through our online scheduling portal. Cancellations and changes must be made with 48 hours notice or more. While at Skanda, child sponsors are supervised by Skanda's volunteer staff. Parents and caretakers are welcome to stay for the experience, but are not required to. 

To join the Children’s Animal Sponsorship Program, please fill out the form below.

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