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No one wants roosters, really. They are some of the most abused animals on the planet, and when they are rescued, it is very hard to find a new home for them. Roosters are naturally territorial, and when they are bred for fighting, their aggression is off the charts. What chance do they have to live joyful, or even peaceful lives?

We learned this last year when the ASPCA rescued 9 roosters from a fighting ring in New York City. They asked if we could take them, and we just could not say no. Our journey with those sweet roosters, supporting them to melt out of terror and aggression into the loving, happy boys they are today, led us to create the Skanda Rooster Sanctuary: a place where abused roosters can come to experience love, tenderness, joy, and freedom for the first time.

Just last Friday, Olaf arrived at Skanda with four friends, all who were rescued by the ASPCA from horrible conditions in New York City. Olaf had never seen grass, breathed fresh air, foraged for food naturally or joyfully perched on a branch, as roosters are meant to do. He had been trapped indoors, in the dark, in a life of misery.

When Olaf arrived, he was timid and scared. But he quickly began exploring his coop: a space larger than anywhere he had ever been, with soft straw, a huge window, and a perch made from a tree branch, which he is still learning to use. We are playing soothing music for him and his friends, and giving him plenty of berries and greens. He is relaxing, and starting to recover.

Caring for roosters can be challenging and expensive. We have set up a fund for Olaf and his friends, so that on this Valentine’s Day, when you celebrate love, you can share it with these innocent and beautiful roosters, who so rarely experience love, and need it so desperately. 

Donate to the Roosters