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Celebrate Little Moe, celebrate the beauty and
innocence of animals, and
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The Little Moe 5K Walk/Run For Horse Rescue

May 13, 2017

Start time: 8:30am

Green Lakes State Park, 7900 Green Lakes Road, Fayetteville, NY 13066

Celebrate your love of animals at this family-friendly, pet-friendly celebration of love to raise funds and awareness about the importance of horse rescue in our community. This annual walk/run takes place on the beautifully-maintained trails that encircle both lakes at Green Lakes State Park. 

The Story of Little Moe

On a day in February 2013, Skanda received a phone call that forever changed our course. The CNY SPCA asked Skanda owner Marion Secor if she was willing to accept 14 wild ponies who were starving in a snowy field. Without questioning, Marion gave her answer: Yes.  

When the ponies arrived, most were near death. Some were so weak and emaciated they could not stand. The weakest among them, a sweet and gentle yearling, brought Marion to tears.  She knelt down beside him as he lay on the ground, and cried for what had happened to him.  He could not eat or drink on his own. The little yearling was also blind.  For seven days Skanda provided round-the-clock care, hand feeding him hay, and giving him water through a syringe.  Modig could not see us and he had never encountered people before, but from the moment he was carried off the trailer, he melted into the love and tenderness that embraced him, trusting us implicitly.  His courage—for which he is named—changed us.   But it was not just us….

The community was also deeply touched by him.  A local equestrian who had helped in his rescue donated bales of soft straw for his bed, and two Amish friends showed up each day to help him stand.  It was the gift of a firehose from a local fire department that allowed us to lift him gently to his feet, so he could build his strength.  There were many others who also stepped in to offer their love and support, both to Little Moe and to us, so we could take breaks to rest and find our own strength again to keep going.  For the seven days Moe spent with us before he died, this little horse and his pure heart showed us a truth about the essence of animals, a truth that offers a profound possibility for all of us.  

In the midst of great pain and trauma, he let go into trust.  Out of this love, The Haven at Skanda was born, and we remember and celebrate the brave, trusting, gentle Little Moe every year with the Little Moe 5K Walk/Run, so that we as a community can show we can, and no animal need suffer. 

 The trusting, the brave, the beautiful Modig, Little Moe.

The trusting, the brave, the beautiful Modig, Little Moe.