Love is Forever
Memorial Garden

The animals who touch our hearts may be here only a short time, but the love we share with them continues long after they are gone. This Memorial Garden is dedicated to the special animals whose love has profoundly touched us, so we can remember and celebrate them.

The garden is on a special hill overlooking a stream that is a favorite passageway for incoming predators. Foxes and minks run along the stream and prowl for Skanda’s ducks and chickens. This garden provides an overlook, where our beloved animals can symbolically keep watch over those who live on Skanda now. When enough funds are raised, we will install a sophisticated camera in the garden that will allow us to view incoming predators, with a loudspeaker to allow us to deter them (we do not kill animals, even predators).

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the garden and create a memorial to your
special beloved animal friend. 

Donations can be made for 

-perennial flowers

-greenery, hedges

-decorative statues


-a bench for contemplation…

or together we can come up with a creative idea. 


The garden is a place for remembering, loving, and honoring 

those who gave so much love. 

LIttle Moe Rock.jpg