In-kind donations are a great way to give. We always need supplies to help us care for the animals, the buildings, and the land. If you have an item not listed that you would like to donate, please contact us--chances are, we can use it. 

For more information, contact Ellen Beckerman at or 315-815-5056. 

Animal Food: Poulin brand grains: Etec One for horses, Goat grain, and Layer for chickens and ducks, fresh produce.
Refrigerator: Full sized refrigerator for storing fresh produce for animals.
Wheelbarrows: We always need these!
Farm tools: Metal pitchforks, plastic mucking forks, shovels, rakes, etc.
Vehicles in good condition: Dump trailer; tractor; gator; pickup truck; horse-trailer, etc.
Sawdust: Used for animal bedding....and we use a lot of it!
Straw: Good quality straw for animal bedding
Wood: Plywood, fence rails and posts, 2x4s - we are always building or making a repair.
Art Supplies: For use in our children's programs.
Gardening Tools and Supplies: For use in our gardens and upcoming community garden.
Fencing: Hog panels, chicken wire, plastic mesh....we use it all. 
Hand Sanitizer: We have it in every barn and use it as part of our biosecurity.
Office Supplies: From paper to small supplies to furniture, we can use it all. 
Video cameras: So we can share the animals with the public through live feed video.