In-kind donations are a great way to give. We always need supplies to help us care for the animals, the buildings, and the land. If you have an item not listed that you would like to donate, please contact us--chances are, we can use it. 

For more information, contact Ellen Beckerman at or 315-815-5056. 

Animal Grain: Poulin brand grains for horses: Etec One and Senior Low Carb, Strider grain for mini-donkeys, JJFeeds homemade Goat Grain for goats; and Layer Crumbles for chickens and ducks.

Horse Quality First Cut Hay: We will not be growing our own hay next year to give our field a rest, so will need a minimum of ____ bales. 

Fresh produce: Fresh produce for Eve the pig; berries and greens for chickens; garlic and fresh oregano plants for chickens.

Straw: For animal bedding, we use at least 500 bales a year.

Wheelbarrows: True Temper or equivalent: 8 cubic feet, two wheels, metal frames.

Farm tools: Metal and plastic pitchforks, flat wide shovels, barn brooms. 

Sawdust: Used for animal bedding....and we use a lot of it!

Vehicles in good condition: Small tractor; gator; dump trailer; pickup truck; horse-trailer, utility trailer. Must be in good working condition. 

Wood: Plywood, fence rails and posts, 2x4s, any wood in good condition.

Fencing: Hog panels, chicken wire, hardware cloth. 

Office Supplies: Paper, staples, paper clips, pens, clipboards, envelopes of all sizes including large mailing envelopes.

Storage bins: We can always use large sized clear plastic storage bins.