Silent Retreats at Skanda

Saturday Mornings, Year-Round, 9:30-11:30am
$10 per person, by appointment only (submit form below)

Saturday morning at Skanda was wonderful! It was heavenly to have two hours to sit quietly. We all agreed we would be happy to do it again. The sanctuary is peaceful and lovely, a wonderful spot for quiet reflection and meditation. The background sounds of the goats conversing, ducks jibbering and frogs trying to out-croak each other was a charmingly comfortable background.
Thank you very much for opening up your sanctuary to us!
- Chris, recent visitor

maude swims with babies.png

In her tranquility, Skanda is alive with the sounds of the animals,

birds singing, bubbling streams and cool breezes. 


On Saturday mornings, Skanda will be in quiet to offer visitors the

very special experience of the animals and nature in serenity, 

without the clutter of human voices.  Dive into the silence, breathe,

relax, and experience the animals as they truly are.

To request a reservation, please submit the form below. Your visit is confirmed only after you receive an email from us with instructions for arriving. 

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