Visiting Skanda
Guided Tours: Most Saturdays, 3:00pm
Reservations are required using the form below.

During spring, summer and fall, weather permitting, The Haven at Skanda will be open on most Saturdays for a guided tour which starts at 1:30pm.  Tour space is limited, and reservations must be made in advance. We are not able to accept walk-in visitors. When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from us. 

Suggested donations: 
Adults: $15
Children: $5
Families: $30
Additional donations are welcome and always needed. We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends on the generosity of our supporters to purchase food, bedding, and veterinary care for the animals. 

Please keep in mind that Skanda is home to rescued, endangered, and vulnerable animals, and our guidelines are for their safety and yours, and must be followed. 

Instructions for arriving:

Drive Carefully: As you enter the farm, please drive slowly and watch for free-ranging chickens and ducks. They are not afraid of cars and may not move out of the way.

Parking: Please park alongside the 3-bay garage which will be on your right as you come up the driveway. Walk a bit further up the driveway and curve left towards the red picnic tables and red barn on your left.  In good weather, tours start at the picnic tables.

Do not approach animals or explore the property before meeting a volunteer at the picnic tables. Please do not run or make loud noises, because this will scare the animals. 

Dress for the weather: Most of the tour takes place outdoors, so please dress appropriately. Skanda tends to be colder and windier than surrounding areas so please dress warmly. Wear closed-toe shoes, preferably boots, because the ground is uneven and may be muddy. You will be entering animal living areas and paddocks that may contain manure.

Companion Animals: You may not bring animals to Skanda.

We are committed to giving everyone a full and enjoyable experience on the farm. If you need special accommodations for your visit, please contact us to make arrangements. 

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Date of visit (Saturdays only, tours start 1:30pm)